What We're Trying to Do Here

Every new website or new email configuration is a work in progress. Thus it must be for CPCUG.

The CPCUG Board has made a serious committment to more content more often on our (new) website. To that end, we've used a content friendly architecture that allows contributions from anywhere that is internet connected. If your login is recognized for contributions, such as comments or forum posts you can do so with a smartphone, a tablet or laptop, so long as it supports a later model browser. Up pops a browser-based word processor screen, and from there you can compose or edit contributions. When you click "Save" at the bottom of the page, your content is recorded for publication.

At first most contributions will be in the form of comments. For new registrants, these will be held for approval, to deterr spam, and after human review they will appear. Board Members such as SIG Leaders, invited members and others who ask may be approved for more extensive contribution, especially to our events listings and news roll.

General suggestions are also invited. Please use the online Forum for fastest attention and reply.