The Capital PC User Group's Northern Virginia SIG normally meets on the second Monday of the month at the Patrick Henry Library in Vienna, VA. Meetings are held from 6:45 to 9:00 pm.  Meeting dates and locations may change due to availability of library rooms.

This month the meeting topic of November 13 is:

Creating a bootable CD/DVD/Thumb Drive to run Linux Live 
This month's presentation will cover the usefulness of Linux Live on bootable mediaLinux can do something Windows can't, run a "live" version of itself from a CD, DVD or thumb drive.  All Windows users should have a copy of Linux Live handy and know how to use it. You can run Linux Live even on a computer that doesn't have an physical or functioning internal hard disk and used it to run hardware diagnostics.
Linux can access the DOS and NTFS file systems. If Windows is corrupted or infected with malware, you can use Linux Live to easily copy files to an external hard disk, a USB flash drive or another computer on a Network. You can even access the Internet. To some, 
the web browser is the computer. You can set them loose on Firefox running Linux Live and be 100% sure they won't screw up the installed copy of Windows.  Running Linux Live is also a great way to kick the tires on the various Linux distributions.  As for cost, live versions of Linux are free.


December 11