We Are All in This Together

Calling all SIG Leaders and CPCUG Officers!

As with most things CPCUG, in order for this new website to maintain relevancy we are going to have to WORK at keeping the content fresh.  We have done some things to add fresh data to our site such as RSS feeds and the APCUG PUSH articles.  But, that isn't enough and we are expecting all of the SIG Leaders and BOD Officers (me included!) to contribute.

Here is what we would like you to contribute:

  1. Maintain the calendar for your SIG meetings on this website.  Updating the calendar with your SIG meeting information will automatically add your event to the master CPCUG calendar of events.
  2. Add at least one paragraph per month to your SIG's main web page or to your SIG blog.  It doesn't matter the topic, just something to show that someone is alive and well at your SIG.  Particularly good posts will be promoted to the Main Page.

You can, of course, contribute more.  We would like to see some of the upcoming Forums generate lively discussion and that we could increase our usage of social media and cell phones.  We would also like to see what kinds of things you all can do within this environment. 

We are all in this together so let's make a real effort to make this thing work.